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Being Useful at This Stressed Time

                                     A Prayer for the Men We Love                                       


Based on Luke 1, Psalm 37 and Deuteronomy 28

                                                                                                    M. Nelson-Amaker

O God, we ask you to rescue the men of our church,

our families and our communities from the hands of all that hate them,

that they may worship you, and serve you without fear

in holiness and righteousness all their days.

Let them not fret or be envious because of evildoers,

for that is a way of ruin.

Let them not run after false gods.

Give them confidence in Jesus’ victory over sin and death.


Grant our men to be still before you and commit their ways to you;

to refrain from excessive anger, and forsake destructive wrath.

Sponsor them in works of justice, righteousness and love.

Act, O God, on the justice of their cause;

vindicate them in the bright light of day.

Bring the schemes of evildoers to an end,

for justice and righteousness are the foundations of your throne.


We pray that our fathers, husbands, brothers, sons,  

and brothers in Christ will take delight in you, and walk in your ways.

May they do good so that your name is glorified.

May they trust in you in the midst of any circumstance,

for salvation comes from you; you are a refuge in trouble.


O Lord, watch over the going out and coming in of the men of our communities.

Plant your law in their hearts and make their steps firm.

If they stumble, hold them by the hand so that they don’t fall and break apart.

As they are faithful to you and diligently obey you, O God,

with your power cause their enemies to be defeated before them.

By your grace may they live long in the land and be secure.

According to your promise, keep the righteous safe for ever.


As the wicked plot against God’s own, and draw their weapons

to bring down the poor and the needy, seeking the lives of the righteous,

may their destruction be turned back against them.

May God’s enemies be routed and vanish like smoke.

For the Lord loves justice; he will not forsake his faithful ones.


May the men we love know the goodness of the Lord

in the land of the living, and have the desires of their hearts fulfilled.

Lord our God, command blessing on all that they undertake,

and all that they possess.

Let the men of our communities seek your kingdom above all, and be generous in giving. Provide for them. In dangerous times of upheaval let them not be ashamed.

May all the peoples of the earth see that they are called by the name of the LORD and precious to you. In the name of Jesus Christ our Savior we pray, Amen.

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